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Viewing Payments Due

  1. Select Club Database -> Member Payments -> Payments due in the Administrator's Toolbar.

  2. The Payments due page is displayed.

  3. By default the records for all payment types are shown. You can choose to view "Subscription" or "Match Fees" only using the Payment Type dropdown menu.

  4. You can also filter the records by Date DueMember nameAmount Owing and Description.

    To Filter by Date Due:

    Enter the date due in the input box, e.g. "03 Mar 2012" or "3/3/12".

    Click the filter button  to display the filter pop-up menu.

    Select one of the filter options. For example, to display the records for 03 Mar 2012 , click EqualTo


    The matching records are displayed.


    Follow the same steps to filter your records by Member nameAmount Owing and Description.  

  5. To Log a Subscription Payment:

    Click the Log  payment button  for the record and follow steps 2 to 8 in Logging a New Payment.

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