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Column Settings

The Column Settings allow you to set the number of columns that you would like to use to contain your widgets.

To Change Column Settings

  1. When you add a new page you will be redirected to it automatically and can go to step 6.
    Alternatively, follow steps 2 to 5. See Managing Pages.

  2. Select Manage Pages from the Website Pages menu in the Administration Toolbar at the top of the page.

  3. The Manage your club's custom pages window is displayed.
  4. Click the Edit button for the page that you wish to edit.

  5. You are redirected to the page.

  6. Click the Column Settings tab.

  7. The Column Settings properties are displayed.

  8. Select the number of columns that you want to use in your layout from the dropdown menu.

    Note: If you reduce the number of columns, the widgets will be be automatically moved to the remaining column or columns.

  9. The page's column layout is immediately updated and displayed in the page.

    Tip: You can use your mouse to drag the blue bars between the column headings to adjust the column widths.

    Tip: Use your mouse to drag a content block to a new location in the page:

    • Move your mouse cursor over the title bar of the block and holding down the left mouse button, drag it to the new location.

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