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Add Page

To add a new page

  1. Select Add page from the Website Pages menu in the Administration toolbar at the top of the page.

  2. The Add a new page window is displayed.

    Enter a Page Name and Title and fill in the other fields as required:
  • Page Name (required) - enter a name for your page. If you choose to display the page name in your side menu, this is the name that will appear (see the
    "Display on submenu" option below).
  • Member Only - check this option if you only want the page to be accessible to members who are logged-in. Leave the option unchecked if you would like
    the page to be accessible to everyone.
  • Display on submenu - check this option if you would like the page name to be displayed in the side menu of your website (see the "Page Name" option
  • Title (required) - enter a title for your page. The title will appear in the bar at the top of the browser window and it is used by search engines to index your
    site. See also "Meta Tags (for search)".
  • Meta Tags (for search)

    The meta tag options are optional but they can help you to improve the search engine rankings of your website.

    Keywords -
    enter a list of keywords that are relevant to the page. Each word should be separated by a comma.

    Description -
    enter a short description of the page.
  1. Click the "Save page" button  to add the new page

  2. An alert box tells you that the page has been created. Click OK.

  3. You are redirected to your new page where you can begin adding content.

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