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Side Bar

You can adjust the settings of your site's left and right side bars.

Adjusting The Side Bar

  1. Select the Side Bar tab in the Colours / Layout panel.

  2. Adjust your site side bar settings as required:

    1. Left Column Colour

      Select the options to change the colour of the left column or to add a background image to it.

      See Background Colours

    2. Side Menu Skin

      Use the dropdown menu to select the skin that you want to use for the side menu.

    3. Transparent Menu

      Check the checkbox to make the left column menu transparent so that background colour shows through it.

      This sets the menu backgound to the colour that you specified as the Left Column Colour (see step 1 above).

      It automatically adjusts the colour of the menu text to ensure that it contrasts with its background.

    4. Side Adverts

      Choose whether to display your site adverts on the left or right-hand side of your site.

      • Select Left in the dropdown menu to display your adverts below the menu

      • Select Right to display your adverts in the side bar on the right-hand side

    5. Right Column Colour

      Change the settings to adjust the background colour or to add an image to the column on the right-hand side of your site.

      See Background Colours

    6. Click the Save Details button to save the changes to the live site.

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