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Adding a Link

When you have added a category you can start adding links:

Adding a Link

  1. Select Links from the Website pages menu in the Administration toolbar at the top of the page.

  2. The Manage club links page window is displayed.

  3. Click Add new link

  4. Fill-in the fields in the form.

    Link text (mandatory) - Enter the text for your link that you would like to appear on the Links page.

    Url (mandatory) - Enter the full website address for your link, e.g.

    Category - select a category for the link from the dropdown menu.

  5. Click the "add link" button

  6. The link is added to the links in the selected category on your Links page.

Editing a Link

  1. Follow steps 1 and 2 in Adding a Link

  2. Click the "edit links" button  in the row of the category that contains the link.

  3. A grid containing all the links for the category is displayed.

  4. Click the "edit" button  in the row of the link that you want to modify.

  5. Edit the Link text, Url and Category fields as required (see step 4 in Adding a Link).

  6. Click the "save link" button  to save your changes or "cancel"  to exit without saving.

  7. The link is updated in the grid and on the Links page of your site.

  8. Click the "Back to link categories" button to return to the Link Categories view.

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