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Matches Played

A useful feature is the ability to select based on the number of matches played, when combined with other filters this can be used to check current membership status, and move players who haven't played in the recent past.


The filter allows you to select a season, and number of games, along with the comparison to make.  You can choose to select those who have played more than a specific number of games, less than, or exactly that number.  Additionally you can select the team that matches must have been played for, or leave this as any time, which is the default.  


This filter san be used for a number of purposes.  It can be utilised to see the total number of people playing games in a side in a given season, indicating the stability of that side.  Another use might be to combine two years filters, and to see people who played fixtures in one season, but haven't played in the following season, indicating those members who have been lost to playing fixtures in the club.




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