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Adding an Event

  1. Select Events from the Club Database menu in the Administration toolbar at the top of the page.

  2. The Events Calendar is displayed showing the current month.

  3. Use the options in the bar at the top of the calendar to navigate to the date for the event.

    • Click the today link to go to the current date
    • Click the left  and right  arrows to move back a month or forward  respectively
    • Click the down  arrow to display a calendar pop-up that you can use to navigate to a particular month or day
    • Click Day, Week, Month or Timeline to change the calendar view

  4. Go to the date of your event in the calendar. The date box is highlighted as you move your mouse cursor over it.

    Either double-click it


    Right-click and select New Event or New Recurring Event from the menu.

  5. The Edit event window is displayed.

  6. Ensure that the Recurrence checkbox is not checked.

  7. Complete the following fields in the form:

    • Subject - Enter the name of the event

    • Edit the the From and to dates, if required.

        Click inside the date box to select the pop-up calendar

    • All day - Uncheck the checkbox if there is a start and end time. Time boxes will appear next to the From and to dates.

      Click the boxes to select start and end times in the dropdown menu.

    • Venue - Enter a venue or select from the dropdown list.

    • Description - enter a description of the event.

  8. To send invites, click the "Select" button  to display the Select Members window.

  9. In the left hand panel choose the sub-section of members you want to invite to the event:


    • Check the boxes for the sub-sections of members that you want to invite.


    • Check the boxes to choose the members of specific teams.

    Members selected for a fixture

    • Select the season from the list in the dropdown menu
    • Select the team from the list in the dropdown menu.

      Tip: To select more than one team, hold down the <Ctrl> key and left-click

    Available to play

    • To select members who have recorded that they are available on a particular date:

      i) Enter the date

      ii) To include members already selected, check the checkbox

      iii) Click the "Add available members" button

      iv) The selection criteria are displayed in the right hand panel


    • The names of the members will be ticked in the "Selected Members" panel
    • The selections you make will override selections in the "Selected Members" panel

  10. Make amendments to the members you have selected in the right hand panel:

    • Check the box for each member you want to send the invite to

  11. Click the "Select members" button  when you have finished making your selection.

  12. Click the "Save" button  to save the event or click "Cancel"  to cancel without saving.

  13. The event is displayed in the calendar and will be shown on the Events page.

    Admin Calendar

    Events Page Calendar

  14. An email containing a link to accept or decline the invitation will be emailed to all invitees.

    Responses will be stored in the system and displayed when you view the Edit event window in the calendar.