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Adding a Location

  1. Select Locations (Home grounds) from the Web Pages menu in the Administration toolbar at the top of the page.

  2. The Locations window is displayed.

  3. Click "Add new location"

  4. The Location form is displayed. Fill in the information about your new location:

    Location Name (mandatory) - Enter a name for the location. This text will be used as the name of the location on your website.

    Address (mandatory) - Enter the address of the location.

    Postal / Zip code - Enter the zip or postcode.

    Directions - If you wish, you can enter your own directions.

    Telephone - Enter a telephone number.

    Location (mandatory) - Enter the geographical location:

    i) Click the "Select Location"  button.

    ii) The Find Location dialogue box is displayed.

    Enter the address details directly into the form and/or use the controls on the map:

    • Type address information into one or more fields in the form
    • Click the "Find on map" button

    • Use the navigation controls to find the exact location:

      Move up, down, left or right

      Zoom in

      Zoom out

    • When you have found the location, click on the map to place the marker at your chosen location
    •  Click the "Use this location" button  to select the location

    • The "Find Location" window is closed and the Latitude and Longitude are displayed in the Location field

  5. Click the Save button

  6. The new location is shown in the Location list. To make it your default location see Setting Your Default Location

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