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The Fixtures widget lets you display forthcoming fixtures stored in your club database.

You can choose to display the fixtures for individual teams or all of your teams, and you can set the number of items and the period of time to show.

To add a Fixtures widget:

  1. Follow the instructions in Adding a Widget on how to add the widget to your page and change its settings

  2. Edit the settings to your requirements.

    For Title, Display title bar, Widget Skin and Controls Skin see step 9 in  Adding a Widget

    Select Team - The dropdown menu displays all the teams for whom you have fixtures stored in your club database. You can select "All teams" or individual teams.

    Tip: To select more than one team, hold down the <Ctrl> key and click each team that you want to include.

    Number of items - Select the number of fixtures that you would like to display

    Days to include - Select the time period for which you would like to show your fixtures

  3. Click "Save"

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