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Selecting a Team

Follow the instructions below to select the members of the team for a  fixture.
  1. Select Club Database -> Fixtures in the Administrator's Toolbar.

  2. The Fixture List page is displayed. Use the Display fixtures for: dropdown menu to specify the team or teams to show in the list.

  3. Click   to select a team for the fixture.

  4. The Select Team page for the fixture is displayed.

  5. To fill the the form with the previous team selections:

    i) Click the Use previous selection? link.

    ii) Click OK to confirm that you wish to continue.

  6. If you wish you can choose to notify all the players by a single method: Check the Email or SMS check boxes.

    Click the Purchase credits link to purchase credits for SMS messages. If you don't have any credits, notifications will be sent by email by default.

  7. Select each of the players:

    i) Select the player's name from the dropdown menu in the Player column or  you can click Other to choose "A.N. Other" if you are not sure yet
    who will be playing.

    ii) Enter any additional information for the player in the Duties box.

    iii) Check either the Email or SMS to select the method by which the player will be notified.

    Note: You must enter the number of players that you specified for the team when you added it.

  8. Enter other optional  information about the team:

    Meet time - enter the time that the team will meet.

    Notification preferences - select a preference in the dropdown menu for receiving notifications of team members' availablility or unavailability for the fixture.

    Email contact - enter the email address of the fixture organiser (usually the team captain).

    Scorer - enter the name of the scorer.

  9. Click the "Save teamsheet" button

  10. A message is displayed confirming your team selections. Notifications sent out to players are shown in brackets after their names.

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