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Adding a Widget

To add a widget

  1. Navigate to the page in your website where you want to add the widget.

  2. Select Edit Page in the Administrator's Toolbar.

  3. A tabbed menu with options for Page Settings, Meta Tags, Add Widget and Column Settings is displayed at the top of the page that you are editing.

    Click the Add Widget tab.
  4. The Widgets editor is displayed.

  5. Select the widget that you would like to add in the dropdown menu

  6. and click the "Add Widget"  button.
  7. The selected widget is added  to the first column in the body of your page. It is loaded in editing mode so that you can customise the settings.

  8. If you are using more than one column, you can move the widget to a different column. Position your mouse cursor over the widget's title bar and holding down your left mouse button, drag the widget to the desired location.
  9. Edit the widget settings to your requirements.

    Each widget has its own set of features - see the help pages for individual widgets for more information.

    The standard settings that you can change for many of the widgets are:

    Title - the text that appears in the bar at the top of the widget. Enter the title that you want to use.

    Display Title Bar - uncheck the box if you don't want to display the Title Bar

    Widget Skin - you can change the appearance of the container for the widget by selecting a skin from the dropdown menu.

    Controls Skin - you can change the appearance of the content of the widget by selecting a skin from the dropdown menu.
  10. Click the "Save" button  to save your changes.

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