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Sending an SMS Text Message

  1. Select Club Database -> Communications -> SMS messaging -> Send SMS to members in the Administrator's Toolbar.

  2. The Send a text message to your club members page is displayed.

  3. You will need to have SMS credits before you can send a text message. Your current balance is displayed above the form. Click the Purchase SMS
    link to purchase credits.

  4. Your SMS text message will be sent from by default. If you would like to use your own mobile number, enter it in the From text box and click the
    "Add mobile number" button . The number will need to be confirmed before you can use it.

  5. Click the "Select Members" button  underneath the To: field to choose the members to send the message to.

  6. In the Message Text field enter the content of your text message.

    • The maximum size of an SMS text message is usually 160 characters but you can enter a longer message if you choose.

  7. Click the "Send text messages" button  to send your message.

    • If any members do not have a valid mobile number in their records, an email will be sent.

    • To see all the messages that have been sent, click the "View History" link.

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