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Club Logo and Name

Displaying Your Club Logo and Name

  1. Club Logo

    1. Click the Upload button


    2. Navigate to the club logo image file on your hard drive and select it

    3. The logo is uploaded for you to preview.

      Note: You will not be able to preview the logo if the Display Club Logo checkbox is unchecked (see step 4).

    4. Check the Display Club Logo checkbox if you want to display the logo or uncheck the checkbox if you want to hide it.

      You may want to hide the logo if it is included in your header background image.

    5. Click the Save Details button to insert the logo in your live site.

  2. Club Name

    1. Check the Display Club Name checkbox to display your club's name or uncheck the checkbox to hide it.

    2. Click the Save Details button to save the change to your live site.

  3. Club Name Settings

    1. Select a colour for your club name in the header using the colour picker.

    2. Drag the slider to the right to increase the size of the text or to the left to decrease it.

    3. Click the Save Details button to save the changes to your live site.

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