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Editing an Award

  1. Select Honours boards from the Web Pages menu in the Administration toolbar at the top of the page.

  2. The Manage club awards window is displayed.

  3. Click the "Edit" button  for the award to update the details and to add or edit winners.

  4. The Award window is displayed.

  5. To edit the Award Name, type into the Award Name input box and click the "Update Award name" button  to save
    your changes.

  6. To add each winner complete the fields in the "Add Winners" form:

    Season (mandatory) - Select the season from the dropdown menu.

    Winner (mandatory) - Select  the winner from the dropdown list of your members.

    Description - Enter a description of the award. For example, this could be the number of runs for a "Top Batsman" award.
  7. Click the "Insert Winner"  button.

  8. The winner is added to the list of winners for the award.

To Edit an Award Winner's Details

  1. Click the "edit" button for the award winner.

  2. The award details become editable.

  3. Edit the fields as required (see step 7 above).
  4. Click the "update" button  to save your changes or "cancel"  to quit without saving.

To Delete an Award Winner

  1. Click the "Delete" button  in the award winner's row.

  2. Click OK to confirm the deletion.

  3. The award winner is removed from the list of Award Winners.

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