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Filtering Members

The member filtering function allows you to select groups of members from your database.  This is used anywhere it is necessary to select members, the send emails/text message function, event invitations, and the member list.


There are two modes Simple and Advanced.  The simple filter allows you to select either where ANY of the filter criteria are met or ALL of the filter criteria are met.  The advanced filter, includes all of the options from the simple filter, some other more specific filter options, and additionally allows you to build up a more complex query groupings to target specific groups.


Both views of the filter allow you to preview the members that will be included in the query, clicking the "Preview members" button at the bottom right of the filter will list members that will be included.



It is possible to switch between the Simple and Advanced view by clicking the buttons at the top right of the filter panel. 


To see further specific details on filtering, view the below help pages