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Configuring Payment Settings

Before you start taking payments, you will need to configure your payment settings.

  1. Select Club Database-> Member Payments-> Payment Settings in the Administrator's Toolbar. 

  2. The Member Payments Settings page is displayed.

  3. Select the Payments Settings tab

  4. To collect payments online, check the Log payments online checkbox.

  5. When you check the payments online checkbox the online payments settings are displayed.

  6. Select your currency from the Currency for payments dropdown menu

  7. To allow payments to be made online and accept the terms and conditions, check the Enable payments online box.

  8. The online payments options are displayed. Before you complete them you will need to set up a PayPal account and configure it
    for use with your HitsSports site.

    Click the PayPal image to sign-up with PayPal.

    Click here
     to see a video that gives step-by-step instructions on how to configure PayPal. 

  9. Enter your club's PayPal email address in the Club Paypal Email input box.

  10. If you would like members who have not paid their subs to be prompted to pay online, check the Remind users checkbox. Members will see a reminder that their subscriptions are due in their profiles
    when they log in to your site.

  11. To accept match fees online, check the Accept match fees checkbox

  12. A small commission fee is charged on each PayPal transaction, so you may want to set a minimum amount for online payment in the Minimum online payment input box.

  13. Click the Save button   to save your settings.

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