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Adding a Fixture

  1. Select Club Database -> Fixtures -> Add Fixture in the Administrator's Toolbar.

  2. The Add a new fixture page is displayed.

  3. Complete the fields as required:

    • Season - shows the current season. To change the season, select a season from the list in the "Edit Season" dropdown menu in the top right-hand corner of the page.

    • Fixture Date (mandatory) - enter the date on which the fixture will be played.

    • Tip: Click the icon next to the box to select the date in the calendar popup.

    • Team (mandatory) - select the team from the dropdown list.

    • Opposition (mandatory) - enter the name of the opposition.

    • Opposition website - you can enter the opposing team's website address here.

    • Fixture Type - select the type of fixture from the dropdown menu. See how to add your own fixture types in the Manage Fixture Types section.

    • Venue - select the venue from the list in the dropdown menu. You can enter additional information about the venue in the text box.

    • Postcode - if this is an away fixture, enter the postcode. This will be used to provide directions to the opposing team's grounds.

    • Directions - enter directions to the opposing team's grounds. This content will only be displayed on your website if it is an away match.

    • Notes - enter any additional information about the match that players need to be aware of here.

    • Umpire - you can enter the names of any match officials here.

    • Email Contact - enter the email address of the contact for this fixture. This is the address that players' availability confirmations will be sent to, unless a different contact is specified when the team is selected.

    • Notification preferences (mandatory) - select a preference in the dropdown menu for when you will receive notifications of team members' availablility or unavailability for the fixture.

  4. Click the "Save Fixture" button  to save your settings.

  5. A message is displayed confirming that the fixture has been added to the system.

    • Add another fixture by clicking the "Add another fixture" button
    • Click the "View Fixture List" button to display the Fixture List for the team

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