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Viewing Members
  1. Select Club Database-> Member database -> Manage members in the Administrator's Toolbar.

  2. The Members' List page is displayed.

    To add a new member

    1. Click the link

    2. Follow the instructions in Adding Members

    To view all your members

    • Click the  link.

    To view members alphabetically

    • Click a letter  above  the list

    To view members by team

    • Select a team from the dropdown menu above the list.

    To view past members

    The Members List page shows current members by default.

    • To view past members, click the link
    • To go back to viewing current members, click the link


  • To change the number of members displayed on each page, select a number in the Page size: dropdown menu.
  • To move through the members' pages:
    • click a page number button
    • click the previous  or next   page buttons
    • click the first  or last  page buttons

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